(World Architecture Festival)

2019世界建筑节(World Architecture Festival,简称WAF),于7月4日正式公布本年度大奖入围项目,成执设计主持的成都万科公园传奇幼儿园项目成功入选。本届共有来自70个国家的534个项目入围,最终结果将于2019年12月在荷兰阿姆斯特丹举行的WAF年度盛典上揭晓

The 2019 World Architecture Festival officially announced the finalist  on July 4th. The Chengdu Wanke Park Legend Kindergarten Project, which was designed by Challenge Design, was successfully shortlisted. There are 534 shortlisted projects from 70 countries. and the final result will be December 2019. Announced at the WAF Annual Festival in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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项 目 简 介


The project is located in Chengdu’s Tianfu New Area. The site is surrounded by a one hundred meter-long green belt to the north and a dramatic urban landscape. The layout of the buildings fits well with the unregular site, creating a harmonious blend of nature and modernity. While enjoying an amazing connection with nature, the children will also learn from their environment by appreciating the eco-friendly buildings.


This project provides the perfect example of putting geometrical elements from nature into the design of its buildings, giving children the chance to grow vigorously in a natural environment. The shape of the buildings mimics the profiles of mountains, and the high set entrance makes the whole building more prominent, making for a delightful view. Strolling leisurely within the compound, people will feel as though they are surrounded by real mountains and forests.


The outer shapes and colors are perfectly united both vertically and horizontally, and geometrical spots on the surface are scattered like an abstract waterfall, making the whole garden look more energetic, graceful and delightful. Finally, the complex natural elements act not as barriers for our designers but have, instead, assisted with the emergence of a peaceful atmosphere while blending harmoniously with the surrounding buildings, making for a gorgeous scene.


项目名称  | 成都万科公园传奇幼儿园

地理位置  | 成都天府新区

建筑面积  | 5600平方米

项目业主  | 成都万科南城置业有限公司

建筑设计  | 上海成执建筑设计有限公司

总建筑师  | 李杰

设计总监  | 严芳

设计团队  | 林淑雅 李海莲 冯武兵 林威 许修贤

施工图设计 | 重庆长厦安基建筑设计有限公司

室内及软装设计  | ENJOYDESIGN

景观设计  | 纬图设计机构

景观施工  | 广州华苑园林

泛光设计施工 | 四川普瑞照明工程有限公司

外墙涂料深化设计 | 成都烨华建设工程有限公司

设计时间  | 2018年4月-2019年2月

竣工时间  |  2019年2月

摄影团队  | 三棱镜建筑空间摄影、熊欢、路径建筑摄影




The World Architecture Festival is currently the largest architectural event in the world. WAF is one of the international ceremonies that has the highest reputation. It has been hosted by the British EMAP Group since 2008 and has been successfully held for 12 sessions. It aims to show the most outstanding designs, and it is a complete review of new architecture around the globe over the past year, and is known as the Oscar of the architectural world.

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